Results page live loader

When this feature is Enabled, the plugin will try to load the results - without reloading the results page.
General Options -> Results page live loader
Disclaimer: Live loading items to a page causes the script event handlers to detach on the affected elements - if there are interactive elements (pop-up buttons etc..) controlled by a script within the results, they will probably stop working after a live load. This cannot be prevented from this plugins perspective.
There is no guarantee that this feature will work with any theme/website out there. It very highly depends on the actual website structure as well as the overall configuration.

Results container jQuery element selector

Default value: #main
This is the selector that the script tries to match, when the new results page is loaded via AJAX. The script then replaces the old content within this selector with the new ones.
If you don't know what this means, then leave this options as it is by default

How can I find this selector for my theme?

If you are not a developer, your best bet is to ask the author of your current theme, he might know how to get the selector to target the results page container.
You can also contact us via support, we might be able to help - but please note that we cannot guarantee this feature to work correctly in every case.
The only possible way is using the browser developer console or via the page source. Unfortunately there is no guide we could provide for this, as it would exceed the contents of this documentation.