Keyword highlighter

Keyword highlighting in live results list and on single results pages

Live results list highlighting

It is possible to highlight the search phrase in the live results list. Within these options you can change the:

  • Highlighter text color and background

  • and to highlight whole words or partial words as well

Single result page keyword highlighting

The single result (clicking a result on the live results list) is not the same as the search results page. This feature does not work on the search results page.

Scrolling to the first keyword match

Whenever the Scroll to the first keyword match if possible? option is enabled, the plugin will try to scroll to the first keyword match, after redirecting to the single result.

If you want to programatically specify a part of the result page to apply the highlighter and scroll feature on, then use the Result page content jQuery element selector option. This is useful when the search phrase might appear outside of the post body container (in a widget, footer or menu etc..), and you want to make sure those appearances are not highlighted.

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