Triggers and redirection to results page

Live search trigger actions and the redirection to the results page actions

Live search triggers

  • Trigger search on facet change - live search trigger, when the user changes an option on the settings drop-down

  • Trigger search when typing - triggers the live search during typing to the search input

  • Character count - only apply the triggers, when this number of characters were entered

Redirection to the results page

Redirection can be set for both the magnifier click and the return (enter) key events.

When using WooCommerce and searching for products use the Redirect to: WooCommerce results page value.

Custom redirect URL

When using a custom permalink structure for the search queries, you can adjust the redirection to the same destication via this option. The {phrase} pseudo-variable is replaced with the current search phrase.

This will not change the results page URL to a custom page URL - this option only redirects to the given location. If you want to change the results page URL slug, check out online tutorials.

Search results page override

When enabled, the plugin will try to override the search results page with the same results as on the live search list.

The plugin can not change the layout/design of the results page, that is a theme controlled feature. All it can do is send which items to display as results, the rest is up to the theme.

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